Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science was founded in September 2011, according to the Law of Education no. 1/2011, taking over the task on the chair within the Faculty of Computer Science. Computer Science specialization since 2002  and was accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in 2008 (H.G. 635/11.06.2008), thus being included in the national system of higher education. The university has lately become open to countries worldwide, providing tuition to students from Italy, France, Germany, Moldova, Serbia, Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan etc.

Since October 2011, the Deparment of Computer Science operates within the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science and offer two specializations at bachelor level and one at master level. Over the last few years, the members of the department have participated in research-development projects, at both faculty and university level, but also as partners of prestigious institutions in the country or abroad.

The mission of the department is an integral part of the mission pursued by the faculty and the university, as an accredited academic institution, of public interest and of private entrepreneurial type, its main goal being that of training future alumni in the field of computer science, and rendering them capable of easily integrating themselves into the European and worldwide labor market.

The specialized competences provided by our B.S. and M.S. programs are:

  • the ability to use the theoretical bases of computer science and develop  mathematical models;
  • the ability to specify, project and develop programs using high-level programming languages;
  • the ability to design, manage and use computer systems, computer networks and databases;
  • the ability to analyze, specify, design, test and implement computer applications;
  • the ability to use and maintain software products;
  • the ability to manage computer-based projects;
  • the ability to ensure computer system safety;
  • the ability to conduct in-field of interdisciplinary research activities.



Student Area